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"I can't thank Dr. Szmigiel and the staff at Gentle Touch Family Dentistry enough for their upmost care and thoughtfulness they have provided to me and my family. Dr. Szmigiel has a great chair side manner - not only does she explain the pros and cons of the treatment, she is always eager to answer all my questions, and encourages open dialogue with me to see how I feel about the treatment.

I had a terrible phobia of dentist before I walked into the Gentle Touch office. From the very beginning I felt security and deep concern from the staff - which created a relaxing atmosphere. It is such a wonderful feeling walking into the office with less anxiety and certainty that, as a patient, I am in good hands."
- Holly L.

"I wanted to write and thank you for your excellent service and treatment. Because of how warm, caring and professional you all were, I am completely over my fear of dentists, and I will definitely be back for more stellar work. You gave me my smile and my confidence back; you can't even tell I had work done. The nitrous helped me make a usually terrible experience easy, pain free and completely void of any anxiety whatsoever. Believe me when I say I am recommending you to anyone who crosses my path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me."
- Jen M.

"I just can't stop smiling, I love my teeth. Thanks Dr. Maria."
- Wendell D.

"I can't believe how great my teeth look, they are so white and was so easy. I love to smile all the time."
- Maureen D.

"Being terrified at a young age on a trip to a dentist's office - I had not been back to a dentist in over 25 years. Anxiety was running high but I was completely put at ease by Dr. Szmigiel and with the hands of an angel, I hardly knew she was working on my teeth - professionalism at its best."
- Robert G.

"Dr. Maria listened to me while I was having my dental checkup and said that she could fix my teeth without any pain. Now I have a beautiful smile. I love it."
- Linda P.

I had a fear of going to dentists since I was a child. Over time and reaching adulthood and being a reformed smoker I made up my mind to go to the dentist. Dr. Maria is my dentist now and she is just wonderful. She's an excellent dentist, kind, caring and concerned about your having good oral care and treatments."
- Geraldine H.

"I can't say enough about your team's commitment to excellent patient care and compassion. Your team is not only professionally superior but top-notch in making me feel comfortable and relaxed. At every visit the few minutes you spend chatting with me makes me feel important and that my time is truly just for me and my dental care. I leave each and every visit armed with more knowledge about my own dental care. I am extremely impressed with your advanced technical skills that you continually improve upon. It is so reassuring to not only be told what is happening but to be able to see it as well! I am happy that I made the decision to face the work I needed to have done; even after having an unpleasant experience elsewhere. My step-son was your patient first so I was able to witness first-hand his comfort level (and he is not an easy dental patient!) and to experience the pleasant environment you have created. I'm in for the long-haul and I admire and respect the amazing work that Dr. Szmigiel consistently delivers!"
- Theresa P.

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