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Digital Panorex Machine X-rays

X-rays taken with a panorex x-ray digital machine differ from other digital x-rays in that it takes a 'panoramic' picture of your teeth. The machine makes an entire half-circle motion that captures an image of your entire mouth. Like digital x-rays, digital panorex x-rays reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to (unlike standard x-rays) by up to 90 percent. Dr. Szmigiel will determine whether or not a panorex is necessary for your treatment.

Digital X-rays

Here are the benefits of our digital x-rays:

- Safer: the computer sensor is very sensitive, so the system can use 90% less radiation.

- Better: the sensor sees things conventional film might miss, the image can be magnified 300x normal size and contrast can be adjusted to reveal things normal film might not see.

- Faster: there is no development cycle, images are available within seconds of being taken!

- Smarter: since the system avoids using hazardous chemicals it does not produce hazardous waste either.

Intraoral Camera

Want to see what the dentist sees? With the intraoral camera you can. This small digital camera fits comfortably in your mouth allowing Dr. Szmigiel to show you an enlarged image of what is happening in your mouth on a computer screen.

The intra-oral camera enlarges the inside of the teeth to more than 40 times their actual size on a full color screen display. By zooming in on problem areas in affecting the teeth, dentists are capable of seeing much more than they could with the human eye alone. Often, dentists find the beginnings of periodontal disease or tooth decay that would have otherwise gone undetected if examined without the intra-oral camera.

NTI System

Do you suffer from migraines or tension headaches? The FDA-approved method of migraine prevention is the NTI system. A small plastic device is worn over your front teeth while you sleep. This device helps eliminate headaches as it allows your jaw to relax and reduces the intense clenching which occurs during your sleep.

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