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Marjan Mohajer, DDS

Hello!!! I am so thankful to have found my way to beautiful Plattsburgh, and to be welcomed into this lovely community. My interest in the small town aura, the magnificent Adirondack mountains, the majestic Lake Champlain and the proximity to the French culture all convinced me to call Plattsburgh my home. However, my story and the path that led me here is a rather interesting one. I am a Persian American who moved to Southern California for college where I attended the University of California Irvine and studied Engineering. But my passion for tangible human interaction and making a definitive difference in peoples' lives directed my steps towards a more personal career - dentistry. With a full heart, I can tell you I made the right choice. I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine and was humbled to see my lovely friend Myra, who was one of my first patients at dental school, attend my graduation with a proud smile on her face. Today, we continue to keep in touch having met up in New York City not long ago when she visited. I continued my training in dentistry, attending general practice residency at Montefiore Medical Center, a university hospital affiliate of Albert Einstein University in the Bronx. During my residency I also volunteered weekly at Rose F. Kennedy, a special needs dental clinic where I gained the skills necessary for treating a more medically and behaviorally complex patient population. Moreover, I was able to treat a large number of pediatric patients of all ages at this clinic, which taught me the challenges and joys of learning how to gain the trust of each child.

I embraced the Gentle Touch philosophy from the moment I met Dr. Szmigiel and her team; the strong emphasis on personalized care and providing the best quality treatment are in harmony with the direction I have chosen and in staying true to the values and treatment philosophy I hold.

I take pride in my ability to connect with each of my patients, discovering what makes them unique and hearing their amazing stories. Gentle Touch Family Dentistry nurtures the space needed to provide this kind of care, and I am excited to be a part of this team. Thank you for welcoming me into the community, I can't wait to meet you and hear your story!!!

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