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Periodontal Care/ Laser Therapy

A thorough periodontal assessment is a key part of an oral health evaluation. It helps us determine the condition of the underlying foundation before any dental care is initiated. The most beautiful smile won't endure unless the supporting gum tissues are healthy. Healthy gum tissues help keep your teeth strong, insuring the best possible long-term result. However, gums affected by periodontal disease will not support healthy teeth and may lead to further problems in the future.

Laser therapy is an effective way to treat periodontal disease. We are very excited to offer this new innovative and minimally invasive technology. A dental laser helps to eliminate periodontal infection and stimulate repair to the damaged bone and gum from periodontal disease even in its earliest stages. The use of a dental laser is completely comfortable with no use of drugs or harsh chemicals. Ask today how laser therapy can help you!

If you would like to learn more about laser therapy, please visit the Academy of Laser Dentistry website.

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